Expansion Project

Since 2001, the Lawrenceville community in NJ used a small old building (1000 sq feet) in a 4.0 acre land as their first Masjid for daily 5 times prayers; Arabic, Islamic and Qur’an classes; Jummah prayers; and Taraveeh prayers, among several other activities. Currently, there is no public water or sewer facilities available.

The Fundraising committee, the Expansion committee, the ICMC Shura and the community members have been working hard for the past 4 years under the leadership of our project manager, Br. Abid Shaikh. With several negotiations and discussions, the township approved the final plan

The initial phase of this project was completed in 2012. This includes the site work, partially paved parking, a temporary trailer unit, in order to continue our regular prayers at the site; the demolition of the old building.

The building foundation, steel framing, outside walls, utilities and interior rough-in are completed.  The next phase will be installing windows, sidings and complete interior finish. Initially only one floor will be completed (Phase-I) for temporary certificate of occupancy followed by additional two floors depending on the available funds.


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