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Welcome To ICMC


The Islamic Circle of Mercer County in Lawrenceville, is a non-profit religious/social organization that was initiated and established in 1999/1420. The current property and building were acquired and first time congregational (Maghreb) prayer was conducted in October 2000 /Rajab 1421 Hijra.

Eid-Ul-Fitr Mubarak

ICGT Eid-Ul-Fitr Announcement

Based on confirmed Moonsighting reports, 1st day of Shawaal will be July 28th and we will have Eid on Monday July 28th

Eid Prayer Details:

ICGT has made arrangements for Prayer at West Trenton Firehouse (40 West Upper Ferry Road, Ewing NJ 08628).

There will be 2 Prayers held as below and please follow the timing as per your community.

Prayer 1: 8AM Takbeerat and 8:30 AM Salah – This is only for Lawrenceville and Yardley (Zubeida Foundation) Community members.

Prayer 2: 10AM Takbeerat and 10:30AM Salah – This is only for Trenton (As-Saffat and A-Taqwa) and Ewing(ICE) community members only.  

Parking Instructions at West Trenton Firehouse:

1. Parking will be available only on allotted areas and not on grass. This will be strictly enforced by the security guards. 
2. Once the parking lot is full, no more vehicle will be allowed to get in.
3. For Lawrenceville (ICMC) and Zubaida community, the prayer time will be 8 AM. Other communities should avoid coming for 8 am prayer.
4. For Trenton, Ewing and Hamilton communities, the prayer time will be 10 AM.   Other communities should avoid coming for 10 am prayer.
5. In order to avoid littering and to clear the parking area for the second prayer, there will be no food served after the prayers. 
6. Soon after the prayer, everyone will be asked to leave to empty the parking lot – especially those who come for the first prayer.

Parking Update for ICMC for Jummah Salah and Taraweeh Prayers: Parking is now available at the masjid, please come directly to the masjid and park. There will not be anymore shuttle service from the Temple to the Masjid.


Update regarding the start of Ramadan:

1st Day of Ramadan will be Sunday June 29th Insha Allah. Taraweeh will start after Isha on June 28th. We also have Tasfir session starting at 9:45 PM by Dr. Mateen Khan, he will be giving a brief tafsir of the Quran that will be recited in Taraweeh.


Please call the Masjid at 609-586-3165 after 11 PM for an update on the start of Ramadan.

Powerful Quran Recitation and Dua, by Hafidh : Nooreldeen Rostoum at IIS (Ramadan 1434-  2013):

Duaa Khatamul Quran – Ramadan 29th Night, 1434:

Videos of the Ground Breaking Ceremony of ICMC.


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