The Islamic Circle of Mercer County in Lawrenceville, is a non-profit religious/social organization that was initiated and established in 1999/1420. The current property and building were acquired and first time congregational (Maghreb) prayer was conducted in October 2000 /Rajab 1421 Hijra.

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The ICMC Shura and the Traffic Control committee has the following important announcement to all those who come for Jummah at ICMC (Lawrenceville):

As we started recently, we will continue to have 2 Jummah prayers: one at 12 pm and the other at 1 pm.

Those who can make it to the first one at 12pm, we have enough parking space in the Masjid parking lot. So, come early and park at the Masjid; however, please make sure you leave immediately after the prayer to leave room for the second Jummah.

The temporary parking arrangement at COSTCO parking is not practical, since it is too far for shuttles. Therefore, please do not park at Costco to expect shuttle service. Instead, try to park at the masjid. The volunteers will direct you, if the parking is full.


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